Standard Consult 

Allows time for discussion of one or two simple problems/conditions up to 12 minutes.

Long Consult
A long consult is management of a more complex problem, or more than one problem lasting between 20-40 minutes. This also includes any time the doctor may spend following up after you have left the consult. For example: letters and or telephone calls.

Extra Long Consult
A consult where there is management of a more comprehensive and complex problem, lasting for at least 40 minutes. This also includes any time the doctor may spend following up after you have left the consult. For example: letters and or telephone calls.

Procedural Fees and Costs

​The cost of your skin surgery will be partly covered by Medicare but you will be required to pay a procedural fee which will be an out of pocket cost for you. After the procedure, you will receive a Medicare cheque in the mail which needs to be forwarded to the practice for payment to the GP.

​The fee varies according to the time allocated for your appointment. 

​15 minute procedure: $75

30 minute procedure: $150

45 minute procedure: $225

1 hour procedure: $300

Payment of fees

The doctors at Pioneer Health Albany bulk bill all children under 16 years of age. 

For patients 16 and over, we are not a regular bulk billing practice. Our practice requires payment for consultations after your appointment. You may pay using cash, cheque, EFTPOS or credit card. A rebate can be claimed from Medicare, we are able to submit your account directly to Medicare electronically on your behalf. Please ask our reception team before paying. 

Veteran Affairs gold card holders are directly billed to DVA for all services, apart from dressings or facility fees.

If you are experiencing financial difficulty please speak to your doctor during your consult.

If you have a complaint, or any feedback (positive or negative) regarding our service, please feel free to ask to speak with the practice manager or your doctor.

Our consultation fees are reviewed bi-annually, please refer to the above summary for more information

Repeat Prescriptions

Please make a short appointment with your doctor for repeat prescriptions. If this consult is kept to a script only you will be bulk billed directly to Medicare. However, if other concerns are discussed during the consult the doctor may charge a fee. 

Please note:  This is for prescriptions that your doctor at Pioneer Health Albany has previously prescribed to you. Not for new prescriptions, a change of medication or new patients to the practice.

Nurse Fee

At Pioneer Health, you may incur a nurse only visit fee if you see a nurse.

A nurse fee may be charged to cover bandages, vaccinations, ECG's, ear syringing or other nurse only visits. 

Results & Referrals

Where possible, results and referral letters should be requested during a consultation. A consult fee may apply.

 For more information on fees for non concession card holders please click here.

 For more information on fees for Health Care Card holders, please click here.

For more information on fees for Aged Pensioner Card Holders, please click here.

Facility Fee

The facility fee is to cover the cost of consumables, instrument sterilizing and dressings for all lesion removals and minor procedures. This is payable at the time of the procedure or lesion removal.

​The fee varies according to complexity of your appointment and can be either $57 or $35.

Dressing Fee

A dressing or bandage fee may be charged to cover the cost of consumables at Pioneer Health. 
  • Standard Dressing $16.50 inc GST

Additional Charges

Your doctor, nurse or receptionist will inform you if you'll have any extra charges such as

  • Spirometry filter
  • Travel Vaccines
  • 24 hour blood pressure monitor
  • Iron infusions
  • CTG (Cardiotocography)
  • Ear syringing